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Much like the virtues of visiting auto dealers on Sunday – because they’re closed, we are offering you this option for PTC products. All too often, many end-users are reluctant to seek information about products, packages, or basically any information because they either don’t want to get on the “sales-radar” or simply aren’t sure what questions to ask.  For decades, PTC’s products, modules, and bundled packages have gone through numerous name changes, and in some cases, even how products are licensed. By the time you think you have come to an understanding of the products, packaging, and what they offer, everything changes again. So Integreyt is going to provide the answers to some things we thought you should know, and may have been afraid to ask. But feel free to get the answer to questions YOU have by submitting them below.


Question: Should I go to subscription licensing?

The current policy of PTC is that all NEW licenses will be sold by subscription. (For those who are familiar with PTC, realize that like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.) So should YOU go to subscriptions? Typically, if you own perpetual licenses, then answer is no. You are allowed to combine perpetual licenses with the new subscription licenses. For example, Windchill users who want access to (PTC Navigate/Thingworx Navigate/Whatever they call it next) Custom Apps can simply add the Custom App license to a Windchill Heavy or Windchill Light license.

So when is a complete conversion to subscriptions the right play?

  • If you never owned that software and now want it. (because you have no choice)
  • If your business is cyclical enough to add or remove a portion of your licenses for more than one year
  • If you received a REALLY good deal to do it.

Remember, perpetual licenses are yours forever, except you no longer receive updates if you do not pay maintenance. Subscription licenses are no longer available when you stop paying for the subscription.