Don't make your customers guess what they're buying. Show them.

Products in KBMax 3D dynamically change based on options the user is selecting. Don't believe us? Contact us and take a test drive of one of our demos.


Enhance your quote-to-cash process to connect with your customers in a new way.

Customers are increasingly demanding customized products on faster timelines, and most manufacturers are ill-equipped to handle it.

82% of B2B customers demand customized products.

Manufacturers using old sales tools have 5-10% less profit margin than competitors using CPQ.

Companies using CPQ outperform competitors by a 2-to-1 ratio in revenue growth

Is your time-to-quote measured in weeks? By using KBMax CPQ your customers will have a fully customized quote with accurate pricing and dynamic product renderings in minutes.

Visual CPQ How it Works.


Your product dynamically changes to reflect the options the user is selecting with real-time pricing


Raise your conversion rates by engaging your users and providing immediate pricing and proposals


Streamline your quote-to-cash workflow by automating proposals, engineering drawings, and data entry



See how KBMax can help you deliver an awesome buying experience.




    Meet Sara a project manager for a large oil & gas company shopping around for custom cables and connectors.


    Meet Mark an account executive for a company using KBMax to sell custom cables and connectors.


    Sara visits Mark’s company website or meets with him about her requirements.


    Mark searches for and finds the product Sara is looking for in KBMax.

    Mark's company can also have KBMax right on their website, so Sara can configure her product directly.


    Options are selected in KBMax while dynamic 3D images display the configured product. Rules ensure only valid selections can be input.

    Mark and Sara know exactly how much the product will cost with real time pricing and prompts for faster lead time options.


    Mark finalizes the configuration and KBMax generates a proposal document with hyper-realistic product renderings, exact pricing, terms & conditions. He emails this to Sara along with links so the she can interact with their product in 3D.


    Sara reviews the proposal and interacts with the 3D product on her tablet. She can see it fits the requirements without using her imagination or waiting days-weeks for other vendors to supply visuals.


    Sara places the order. This triggers an automated workflow where order data is routed to ERP, production instructions are built, and CAD drawings are generated if necessary.


    The usual three week process just took 1 hour. Mark’s company is selling custom products with standard cycle time. Sara looks like a star and will be loyal a customer.


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